Fossil fuel prices will continue to increase across the country, and action now can help us keep our bills low. By reducing demand, increasing efficiency, and investing in flexible smart grid technologies, the Generation Plan and Task Force recommendations do just that.

Keeping energy bills low is important for consumers, but it's important for businesses, too. Adopting this plan would help keep Austin's commercial and residential electric rates among the lowest in the state and the country.

Residential rates   Commercial rates

The charts above show average annual rates for Austin Energy, the State of Texas and the United States over the last 12 years. Austin Energy data comes from the Public Utilities Commission, all other data comes from the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. Industrial customers consume large amounts of electricity and often are able to negotiate significantly lower rates than residential customers. In Austin, industrial customers use about 16% of the city's electricity and account for about 11% of annual revenue according to Austin Energy's 2006 Annual Report.

The public Task Force consisted of members from business, environmental, energy, and consumer protection groups. They kept low bills at the forefront of their minds throughout their deliberations, and one of the innovative policies they developed was a biannual review looking at new opportunities to revise the plan in greener and cheaper ways.

That's why these public health, low income and consumer groups have endorsed the plan:

Foundation Communities
Texas Impact/ Interfaith Power & Light
Public Citizen

If you share our values, please sign on to endorse the plan and recommendations.

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