Across the country, people look at Austin as a green city. We've proudly grown our population and our economy, and done it greener than virtually any other large US city. Austin Energy and the public Task Force recognized that the environment was a priority, and it is reflected in the plan before City Council.

The generation plan and recommendations will reduce Austin's overall carbon footprint by 18% by 2020. The scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned only 2 years ago that we had 3 years to take action on climate change, and with this plan Austin will be a part of that international effort. In addition it will prepare Austin for carbon dioxide regulation coming either from the U.S. Congress or from action by the EPA as directed by the U.S. Supreme Court. According to analysis based on Pace Consulting data, by acting preemptively to address our carbon dioxide emissions, Austin Energy will save the city $114 million annually in future CO2 costs.


By prioritizing technologies that will create local green jobs, reducing the city's dependence on coal, and continuing to grow our commitment to energy efficiency, the public plan keeps Austin at the forefront of the American green movement.


That's why these environmental leaders and experts have endorsed the plan:

Public Citizen SEED Lonestar Chapter Sierra Club Environmental Defense Fund Environment Texas
Clean Water Action Solar Austin Texas Impact ReEnergize Texas  

If you share our values, please sign on to endorse the plan and recommendations.

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